Come march this year with fellow stoners May 4th, 2019 in NYC for the 20th anniversary of this iconic Cannabis parade. With Weed legalization one step closer in NYC, this will be an important year to march with pro-marijuana users.

According to their website, the route for the parade starts on 32nd St and Broadway in midtown Manhattan.

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On their site you can also sign up as a volunteer which is probably an awesome experience to hang out with fellow budders (is that a thing?) and enjoy some good weather while walking down Broadway Ave. If you're from a time where Marijuana was greatly scrutinized like me then this will be pretty chill to smoke in peace outdoors in the middle of the city.

Although this marks the 20th anniversary, this parade has deep roots in American history. This parade is a direct descendant of marijuana marches and rallies, sometimes called “Smoke-Ins” that have taken place in New York, Washington, D.C. and other North American cities for more than forty years. Here is a cool retro ad from the 70's spreading the word about the parade back in it's heyday: "May Day is Jay Day". That's a dope headline.

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This parade isn't just about fun but also as awareness to bring an end to prohibition. The NYC Cannabis Parade organizer Troy Smit says it "aims to'end the war on drugs, release the medicine, free the prisoners, heal the sick, and unite the nations". It's all positivity and that's what we're all about.

The team here at Smack420 will definitely be there. We'll be handing out free stuff so you can keep an eye out for us for some dope swag 👍.