Easy Grinder

image credit: EasyGrinder

Here we have the Easy Grinder and Dispenser. This one offers a real bang for your buck. It comes in 4 different colors (black, silver, gold and rose gold) and can run for over 5 hours on a single charge (about 300 grinds) with a capacity of up to 2.5 grams. The LEDs to indicate the battery life is always a handy feature no matter the type of electronic.

A cool feature this offers alongside its core focus is the multi functional storage. The detachable nozzle has O rings that creates a seal tight storage space for your marijuana. No need to worry about smell leaks.


One of the pros are clearly the price. You can get yourself one of these on Amazon for just $30. Worry free scent is also a good thing. If you have children or carry your weed around this can be especially important to you to prevent any unwanted odors. I prefer all my cannabis products to be air tight just to be safe. Another cool thing is that it comes with a replacement blade which will extend the life of this product for months or even years to come right out of the box. Not bad for $30 👍


I don't have much negative things to say about this grinder although I will say it is kind of big and bulky. This can be annoying if you plan on putting this in your pocket or inside a thin coat. It still shouldn't be an issue if you store it somewhere safe or throw it in your bag.


image credit: PenSimple

Next we have here is PenSimple. This one is actually a manual grinder but what makes it cool is that it has a button that will electronically dispense your bud. You can imagine when you use this device it's kind of like drawing your weed onto your blunt. Not the best analogy but it is a pen shape 🤷🏻‍♂️.


This slim design is a lot more portable than the Easy Grinder with dimensions of 7 x 1 x 1 inches and weighing just under a pound at 13.8 ounces. This next pro may not be a direct feature but this product comes with a funnel to help guide your bud and avoid spilling any on the side.


Being that it is a smaller grinder, this also has a down side. Your grounded nugs can clog up the grinder and hard to get out over time. I've experienced this in the past with on of my old eletronic weed pens which was very small and this problem can be very annoying. This grinder doesn't provide an heating so this problem shouldn't be as severe as my personal experience.

1. Otto by Banana Bros

image credit: Banana Bros

Here at number one, we have the Smart Herb Grinder and Roller combo called Otto by the Banana Bros. Now some people don't like automating their blunt rolling. There is a certain art behind rolling the perfect blunt and lighting it up. But for those that don't give a shit and have money to burn, this is an awesome way to spend that extra cash on a new toy.

At first I was a bit skeptical about this product. Was it actually useful or just something to show off to your friends? It turns it's actually both! I've smoked with both experienced and amateur smokers and sometimes even veteran smokers have struggled with rolling a decent blunt. Or sometimes she'll have long nails which can make it difficult to roll up. Or what if the person struggles from arthritis? Whatever the reason may be, if you prefer to keep your hands off the actual weed - this is a perfect solution for many people.


Now don't slack on the technology behind Otto. It's a bit more complicated then just grinding your bud and dumping it into your paper. Otto efficiently crushes your weed every single time. It turns out it uses Artificial Intelligence to produce the perfect grind. It senses the placement of the nugs and the pressure levels to adjust itself in real time such as switching rotation directions or the strength in it's grind.


It can be a bit pricey starting at around $118 on the market but can be well worth it for some people. Another thing i've noticed is the grind is so fluffy that it can cause small gaps in your blunt. It's that not that big of a deal as you can pack the bud tighter after it finishes grinding however some people might prefer it this way.